Fresh Facebook Ideas

Fresh Facebook Ideas

Discover fresh Facebook ideas to enhance your social media strategy and engage your audience in innovative and effective ways.

Engage your audience with a mix of personal and helpful content. When was the last time you checked your Facebook feed? If it’s been more than a few minutes, you’re one of the few who can resist the allure. Real estate agents live on Facebook, and it makes perfect sense. That’s where their sphere is. And that’s where they can make new connections quickly and inexpensively with fresh Facebook ideas.

But posting on Facebook is another thing. It’s tricky to strike the right balance between self-promotion and authentic engagement. We talk with agents all the time, and we like to see what else they share. Here are some of the types of eye-catching, engaging posts we’ve seen to help inspire you and your social conversations.

Profile your workspace

Take a photo your desk, and then write about your workspace. These posts spawn great engagement. Who’s messy? Who’s a neat freak? Who has a pad and paper? Who works from their kitchen table?

Profile a Vendor

Thank a trusted vendor who never lets you down. We deal with vendors on the regular, so we know who delivers, and who doesn’t. That kind of trust and reliability is worth calling out and celebrating!

Highlight your server

Even if the food wasn’t great, if your waiter or waitress was pleasant, talk about it! You’re both in the service industry, and it’s nice to get a pat on the back for a job well done.

Showcase fur babies

But not necessarily your own! Take a picture, and write about your neighbor’s elderly cat or your friend’s new puppy. That person will share the heck out of it, and the post will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Start a power playlist

What song gets you going and helps you take on the day? Post it, and then ask your Facebook friends, Xsphere or snapchatters to contribute tracks. Build out the playlist in Apple Music or Spotify, and make it public. Then add the link to the end of the thread.

Celebrate a client

The best part of our real estate clients is how different they all are. Did you work with someone who does outreach work or volunteers? Or maybe a client is also an artist? Share that!

Share unique local listings

Many agents shy away from blasting their own listings via social. But what about the listings you get to see with buyers? Sharing your particular perspective is what makes you the local expert!

Create a helpful glossary

There are so many terms in real estate that homeowners don’t know. Pick the top five, and write a short definition in everyday language.

Capture your cart

Next time you go grocery shopping, take a picture of the cart as it fills up. Talk about what you buy and why. Even fess up to some indulgences, or reveal your family’s food obsessions. Do it while you’re in line at checkout. Everybody eats. It’s fascinating to see what they eat, though!

Help kids move

How do parents talk to their kids about moving? Recommend a book or talking points for kids, based on age, so they feel part of the decision and have less anxiety about change.


This is a true internet trend: people video themselves opening new items. What did you order from Amazon? A book? A tool? A toy? Unbox it, and share it!

Talk about money matters

This one is pretty typical, but try not to just cut and paste today’s mortgage rates. Maybe ask a lender for a quote about the current market, and include a link to your neighborhood report.

Find out who’s in charge

As a local expert, you should know who makes the big decisions. Have you met your mayor? Your councilperson? Schedule coffee, and then write about it!

Reporting to you live …

Is there a local festival or event? Do a Facebook Live video, and share it with your social sphere! Have someone else hold the phone, and pretend you’re a reporter as you describe the scene. Keep it short and fun.

Feature a teacher

If you’re child is still school age, this is an easy one. And if not, go visit your local public school, and ask in the office who they’d suggest you meet.

Talk about community heroes

Give them the thanks they deserve!

All about an app

What apps do you absolutely rely on everyday? Whether real estate-related, personal or even fun, take a screenshot, and talk about it. Then ask your sphere what apps they can’t do without.

Tag a team member

Few agents work entirely alone. Turn the lens to your coworker, team member or assistant. Does this person bring you coffee? Make you laugh? Inspire you to go the extra mile? Share the love.

Take a bite of something new

Go outside your comfort zone, and try some food you’ve never had before. Create a story on your preferred social network — Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook all have them.

Highlight your own home

Talk about buying or selling your house. What made you choose it? Did you work with another agent? What was the hardest part about being a buyer? How can you relate to your clients?

Talk about living in a show home

So many homeowners need to live in the house they are actively selling. That can get exhausting. How can you help them get through this challenging time?

Spotlight a local business

Small businesses need local support. And as a local expert, you’re uniquely positioned to do just that. Tag their page. Take a selfie in the store or with their product.

Throwback Thursday in your town

Do an image search for older photos from your community. What does that area look like now? Can you get the same shot for a side by side? Does anyone remember it or have a personal story? People love to see how their area has changed.

Share the gratitude

We all get by with a little help from our friends. Who do you want to thank? How did they help? Gratitude looks good on everyone!

Now that we have armed you with new ideas, go forth and engage your social media audience.

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