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Commercial Leasing 101

Commercial Leasing 101

Commercial Leasing 101: Gain insights into the fundamentals and expert strategies for venturing into the commercial side of real estate.
Family Reunion 2024

Family Reunion 2024 Notes

We just got back from the Keller Williams Realty Convention in Las Vegas, and wanted to share our Family Reunion 2024 Notes with you.
Top Cameras for Content Creators

Top 10 Cameras for Content Creators

Discover the top 10 cameras for content creators! From Sony Alpha to Canon EOS, find the perfect tool for your creative journey.
Why Agents Fail

Why Most Real Estate Agents Fail

87% is an astonishing figure. Read on to learn why most real estate agents fail and what you can do to make sure you're in the 13%.
10 Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

10 Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

Profitable businesses tell us repeatedly that good habits over time create success, so today we share 10 habits of top real estate agents.
Become an REO Agent

How to Become an REO Agent

Discover the path of how to become an reo agent with our informative story about how we got started and what led us to eventually walk away.