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60 Vlog Ideas to Grow Your Business

Explore top real estate vlog ideas to grow your business! Create engaging content, connect with clients, and boost your online presence.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. One powerful way to stand out and connect with potential clients is through vlogging. By creating engaging and informative video content, agents can showcase their expertise, build trust, and provide valuable insights into the market. Vlogging not only allows agents to highlight their unique personalities but also offers an interactive platform to address common questions and concerns that buyers and sellers may have. Here’s 60 Vlog Ideas to Grow Your Business.

Transitioning from traditional marketing methods to video content can be a game-changer for real estate professionals. As technology evolves, more people are turning to online resources for information, and a well-crafted vlog can capture their attention effectively. With topics ranging from home buying tips and market updates to virtual property tours and neighborhood highlights, there is no shortage of content ideas for agents looking to enhance their online presence. Embracing vlogging can ultimately lead to increased visibility, stronger client relationships, and, most importantly, a thriving real estate business.

Blog Vlog Ideas

  1. Share your personal story – why did you become a real estate agent.
  2. Highlight neighborhoods in your area.
  3. Talk about how technology has changed the process of buying and selling a home.
  4. Create a slideshow of homes sold in the last month.
  5. Provide online resources for people relocating to your area.
  6. Discuss the top real estate myths and debunk them.
  7. Compare your market to the national market.
  8. Feature blog posts about your city.
  9. Make a list of the best local websites.
  10. Discuss current design trends.
  11. Make a of private and public schools in your area.
  12. Create a list of the best parks in your area – include Google Map links and photos.
  13. List the best local happy hours, places for brunch, etc. Include website links.
  14. Write about why you love living and working in your town.
  15. Discuss books you’ve read and what you’re currently reading.
  16. Talk about your favorite local charities and share how to donate and / or volunteer.
  17. Compare old vs. new ways of doing business in real estate.
  18. Post pictures of historic homes in your area.
  19. Share stories of the best local customer service experiences you’ve had.
  20. Outline the closing process for buyers and sellers.
  21. List the swimming holes and summer camps in your area – including images and directions.
  22. Create a local resource list which includes painters, landscapers, plumbers, movers, etc.
  23. Provide a guide for local events, festivals, concerts and holiday specific events.
  24. Share customer reviews.
  25. Provide tips for getting the most when selling your home.
  26. Listen to what your customers are consistently asking and share your responses.
  27. List local coffee shops.
  28. Talk about your favorite vacation destinations.
  29. Provide information about 1031 exchanges.
  30. Make a list of apps you can’t live without.
  31. Top 3 things to do to get your home ready to go on the market.
  32. How should you choose your listing agent?
  33. What is the most important marketing a listing agent can provide?
  34. Top 3 places to market your home.
  35. Biggest bang for your buck – top 5 things to consider doing before you list your home.
  36. Top 5 reasons why __ is an incredible community.
  37. 5 things first time homebuyers need to know.
  38. How do you decide what home is right for you and your family?
  39. Who pays for what?
  40. 3 tips for finding a trusted mortgage professional.
  41. Top questions to ask your lender.
  42. Top 5 favorite local restaurants and why.
  43. Feature local businesses.
  44. Explain how your market is doing and why.
  45. School district information – what you need to know about school boundary lines.
  46. Vlogs – interview local government officials, school superintendents, principals, etc.
  47. Back to school – 3 tips to getting your kids ready at any age.
  48. Halloween – 3 top neighborhoods to hit with your kids
  49. Thanksgiving – 3 best places to dine out.
  50. Holiday dates – 3 best places to see Santa.
  51. Summer events in your area – top things you love to do.
  52. Why you love what you do.
  53. Open house preview – give a sneak peak of your new listing.
  54. Top 5 things you can do to declutter your home.
  55. What’s the market like? Monday market update.
  56. Frequently Asked Questions.
  57. Real Estate Q&A.
  58. Teach a topic or subject you are passionate about.
  59. Behind the scenes at an open house.
  60. Walking tour of your neighborhood.

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