Family Reunion 2024

Family Reunion 2024 Notes

We just got back from the Keller Williams Realty Convention in Las Vegas, and wanted to share our Family Reunion 2024 Notes with you.

We’re back from Vegas

Every year, right around this time, close to 20,000 Keller Williams real agents descend upon some unsuspecting city, determined to make it their own for a few days, and soak in every last drop of knowledge from the best real estate agents on the planet. This year, Las Vegas got the honor as we all returned to Mandalay Bay and learned again, what it meant to be crammed in like sardines. And from that madness, I give to you my Family Reunion 2024 Notes.

This year, we were honored to listen to two industry titans. First, Tony Robbins spoke to an absolutely packed conference center on Focus. And on day two, Mel Robbins shared with us her 5 second rule. Made us laugh, made us cringe, and made a lot of people cry. Once the sessions ended, we dashed madly to breakout sessions throughout the conference center. What follows are links to notes for sessions that I attended (along with the session descriptions.

Tony Robbins Keynote
Get ready to be inspired as we welcome the extraordinary Tony Robbins, a true legend in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development. Discover the keys to unlocking your full potential, both in business and in life, as Tony imparts the strategies that have empowered millions. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a master of transformation and gain invaluable insights that will fuel your personal and professional growth.

Mel Robbins Keynote
Join us for an inspiring and transformative session with reknowned motivational speaker, bestselling author, and life coach, Mel Robbins. In this powerful keynote address, Mel will take you on a deep dive into the art of unlocking your true potential. Drawing from her own life experiences and research in the fields of personal development and psychology, Mel will share invaluable insights and actionable strategies to help you break through self-imposed limitations, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals.

Magnetic Marketing
Zero in on the essentials to realize your wildest dreams. Join us as we explore how to pinpoint the activities that move the needle toward your goals, tactics to optimize every work hour, and mindset guidance to achieve your desired outcomes with unwavering clarity.

Lights, Camera, You
Transform yourself into a camera-ready social media powerhouse! Discover best practices to infuse your unique personality and style into your content along with the secrets for recording professional quality videos that captivate the market.

Expand Your Circle
A strong social media presence is not just an option but a necessity for professionals looking to expand their network and influence. Level up your social media presence in this insightful session by learning how to build a powerful brand, create engaging content, and grow a loyal and expansive online network.

Clicks Galore
Step into the spotlight and shine online! From crafting captivating content to the secrets of search engine mastery, arm yourself with actionable insights to transform your online presence. Get ready to elevate your digital footprint, drive traffic, and captivate your audience with every click.

Build a Profitable Online Community
Transform your digital presence and become a magnet for dedicated followers in this masterclass on value-packed content creation. Boost your brand’s online footprint, hardness the power of social media, and ignite meaningful conversations to truly stand out and resonate.

Notes from Year’s Past

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