Ignite your real estate career with KW Ignite – the comprehensive training program for agents aiming for success to jump start their businesses.

What is Keller Williams Ignite?

Ignite has one clear objective: propelling agents into immediate productivity. The course enriches agents with foundational real estate content while reinforcing it through productivity-based exercises, employing an online tracking system, providing practical job aids, and offering powerful scripts. The program spans nine weeks and comprises two sections — Spark, designed to secure an agent’s first appointment, and Elementals, aimed at guiding agents towards closing contracts.

The Keller Williams Ignite program is offered in every market center and is taught by the top producing agents in each market center. Learning from the best in each local market is not only the Keller Williams culture in action, it’s also the easiest way for new agents to learn and start generating income.

And teaching real estate sales is only the beginning. Instructors focus their presentations on guiding new agents to learn how to run a successful business. Topics include time management, money management, marketing spend, business deductions, and playing red light green light with their expenses. This isn’t just a sales job; it’s a sales and relationship business.

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Lead Generation is Key

The Ignite training courses offer practical, actionable, and readily applicable insights. By adopting the fundamental practices that have propelled successful agents to the pinnacle of their field, you can achieve a similar level of excellence.

Ignite elevates your existing skills and transforms lead generation into a seamless process.

In the real estate industry, leads are the lifeblood of success. Without a consistent stream of leads, even the most exceptional skills remain underutilized. Regrettably, many agents often abandon this crucial aspect of the profession, citing its difficulty or external economic factors. Instead of succumbing to excuses, the KW Ignite program equips you with a toolkit to chart your path to success and encourages daily progress towards your goals.

A closer look at Ignite

Each Ignite day is divided up into two hours of hands-on instruction and two hours of lead generation using the Ignite Success System. Participants learn the business of real estate through four fundamental pillars:

  1. Becoming the real estate expert
  2. Creating a lead generation system based on your sphere of influence
  3. Creating a lead follow-up system using Command
  4. Managing the transaction from appointment to post-close

Spark Curriculum

Fuel Your Career
Lead Generation in the Core of Your Business
Powerful Language Gets Results
Your Database is Your Business
Set Goals that Matter
Deliver Your Value Proposition
Find and Win the Buyer
Find Seller Leads
Day in the Life of an Agent
Market Center Specifics

Elemental Curriculum

Open Houses
Seller Appointments
Buyer Consultations
Make and Receive Offers
Negotiate the Deal
Financial Basics
Contract to Close
Market Center Specifics
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