KW Prep

KW Prep

KW Prep is a free, game-changing supplement to our real estate education with real-world practical application to help you gain confidence.

Jumpstart Your Journey

Are you an individual aspiring to become a real estate professional? Have you recently obtained your real estate license and are now seeking opportunities to advance your career in the industry? Look no further – KW Prep is tailored to support your journey towards achieving success in real estate.

Unlock the key skills for real estate success, delivered to you absolutely FREE by KW Prep! This dynamic program is purpose-built to propel aspiring and newly licensed agents toward success as they embark on their real estate journey. KW Prep demystifies the essential tools, strategies, and mindset needed to kickstart your career from day one. Remember, KW Prep isn’t your typical licensing class; it’s your indispensable companion for becoming a thriving agent post-licensure.

What can I expect from KW Prep?

Through KW Prep’s 17 self-paced, digital modules delivered by coach Molly de Mattos you’ll discover:

How to build a blueprint for exploring your goals and achieve them
How to zero in on the Big Why that drives you
Examples for creating a daily schedule to set yourself up for success
Conversational models for building and deepening relationships with clients
How to navigate the 8-week “broke to broker” roadmap to profitability
An introduction to Keller Williams’ award winning models and systems
How to navigate the 8-week “broke to broker” roadmap to profitability

Meet Coach Molly

Meet Coach Molly de Mattos, the co-founder of The Matt & Molly Team in North Carolina. Alongside Matt Tavener, they’ve catapulted their business and customer service to new heights, earning the prestigious title of Best Real Estate Agents in Western North Carolina for an impressive nine consecutive years. As the Team’s Director of Sales and Training, Molly takes immense pride in ensuring that their agents receive unparalleled training, education, and coaching, setting a gold standard in the industry.

Molly’s expertise extends to her role as a Keller Williams University Trainer and BOLD Coach through MAPS Coaching. She infuses her work with passion, joy, and a commitment to accountability, all of which she’s dedicated to fostering in others.

Molly de Mattos

Ready to build your future?

* NOTICE: KW Prep is not approved by any state regulatory agency to satisfy the required pre-licensing or continuing education requirements for real estate agents or brokers. This Keller Williams Realty, Inc. program is not a recognized educational institution for higher education or an accredited school, and it does not offer courses for credit. KW Prep is designed to help set individuals up for success in their real estate career.
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