Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective real estate agents have a lot of questions about the business. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about Keller Williams.

Why should I work for Keller Williams Realty?

You wouldn’t be working FOR Keller Williams, but rather WITH Keller Williams. Associates who join Keller Williams become partners in success, and in the case of those who take advantage of the profit share system, stakeholders.

The top reasons that agents cite as their primary reasons for joining Keller Williams include superior training and coaching, broker and leadership support, class-leading technology, and our family based culture. Gary Keller literally wrote the book on models and systems so new agents get a huge head start by not having to reinvent the wheel.

How much do real estate agents earn?

Earning potential is unlimited in this business, but it depends entirely upon your commitment to learning and developing the lead generation and follow up skills that top earners master. Skills training will be an integral part of your launch into the businesses, but commitment and dedication can’t be taught – that has to come from within. We do always encourage new agents to build up a nest egg large enough to support themselves through the early months of business.

What are the startup costs and ongoing fees at KW?

A career in real estate does require a financial commitment, but it’s been our experience the startup costs for licensure, memberships, and broker affiliation pale in comparison to most other businesses. New agents can expect costs associated with licensing classes and tests, background checks, association membership dues, continuing education classes and then the typical business related expenses like computers, marketing materials, office supplies and more.

The average cost for a new agent to get started in the business though is typically under $2,000. As for the ongoing Keller Williams agent fees, they can vary widely from market center to market center (what we call offices) but you can generally expect to pay between $75 and $100 per month, assuming you’re not leasing private office space in the market center.

Does Keller Williams provide tuition assistance?

Unfortunately, we do not provide financial assistance for licensure classes from third party companies. Just this year though, Keller Williams partnered with Kaplan to create KSCORE, which provides pre-licensing real estate, continuing education, and career development education – free of charge to students who go through the program.

What type of training is provided for new agents?

Keller Williams is known for their training. So much so that Training Magazine named Keller Williams the top training company in the world TWICE – and not just in the real estate field but across all industries.

Ignite is a foundational course covering the skills it takes to become the real estate expert of choice. Ignite propels agents into immediate productivity while setting the foundation for success and growth in any market and any stage of your career. These courses are taught by top agents in each market center and in some cases market center leadership.

In addition, self-paced online training is available to all associates through Keller Williams University and KW Connect. These resources are written and taught by both accredited KWU trainers as well as top associates throughout the company.

Why is KW training for new agents so important?

There’s an old joke that real estate schools used to tell prospective agents going through their schools – real estate school will teach you how not to get sued, brokerage training will will teach you the business. And while this unnecessarily teased new agents, the logic is sound.

Real estate school will provide you with basic knowledge of agency, contracts, ethics and principles of the business, but they don’t cover what it takes to actually RUN a real estate business. Critical skills like lead generation, lead follow up, marketing, managing finances, and relationship building are all crucial for real estate agents to succeed in the long term. At Keller Williams, we eat, breathe, and live these principles and have created models designed to get agents into production fast and help them take their businesses to the highest level.

What is the best online real estate school?

Best is a relative term. When choosing a real estate school, the school must be accredited by your state. Some states offer classes through high schools and colleges, as well as in-person third party training companies like Kaplan and Champions. There are also many online real estate schools that allow you to train from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Then of course there’s KSCORE which we mentioned above. Before deciding among your options, please check with you state’s licensing page to verify that your school is accredited.

What is the commission split at Keller Williams Realty?

At Keller Williams, associates work based on an anniversary date, typically the first day of the month following the date on which you join. Associates work under a “CAP” basis, or a maximum amount of money associates pay to their broker from each commission during a calendar year. CAPs are directly related to the operating expenses of each market center, so they can vary from one to the next.

Associates work from a 70/30 split which means 70% of each commission check earned is retained by the agent, and 30% is contributed to the market center. Once those contributions reach the set CAP, the agent will then receive 100% on all transactions until their anniversary date at which point the CAP starts over. If the agent fails to reach the CAP, they are not required to ‘make up’ the difference.

Can I set my own schedule?

As an independent contractor, you are free to run your business on your own terms. You are not required to work a set schedule, and you’re not even required to come into the market center. The model provided by Keller Williams teaches time management and how to successfully run your new business within a normal business week (35-40 hrs).

Does Keller Williams provide leads?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

It’s this basic principle that forms the foundation of Keller Williams’ lead generation model. You’ll learn a variety of lead generation skills like working your database, generating internet leads, prospecting to expired and for sale by owners, open houses, door knocking, cold calling and more. Understanding and mastering these skills will ensure that you are developing more than enough leads to be as successful as you want to be.

Is Keller Williams a competing broker?

No. Market Center leadership teams are not actively working in the business. Keller Williams, as a general rule, views this as a conflict of interest. The primary goal of the broker and/or leadership team is to help their agents build their businesses, acting in the capacity of a mentor to help take new agents to top producing agents.

Can I work as a part time agent at Keller Williams?

It’s your business, it’s your call. Many of our top associates started as dual career agents like teachers, firemen, and police officers. Keep in mind though that real estate agents require VERY flexible schedules. If you are unable to attend training, actively lead generate, or get off work to help a client, it may not be the best time to enter into this profession.

What do I need to know about setting an interview?

MANY would-be real estate agents decide they want to get into the business one day and try to set an interview right off the bat. Before they’ve even looked into licensing classes and before they’ve gotten their license. This is generally why most Keller Williams marketing centers hold monthly informational seminars.

We at are active real estate professionals ourselves and, as a rule, we don’t schedule interviews with prospective agents until they have committed to starting the licensing process. Our FAQ page, which you’re reading now, answers the most common questions that we get but if there’s one we didn’t cover, you can always send us a message, and we’ll happily get back to you with an answer. Want an invitation to our next information session? Send us a message, and we’ll send an invite right out!

What health insurance options are available to me?

Benefits such as health, dental, vision, and life insurance are generally arranged at the market center level, if available. Some market centers may have these options available to you, some will not. If this is important to you, please inquire directly with your local market center at first contact.