Employee to Business Owner

Employee to Business Owner in Three Easy Steps

Learn how today's top agents transitioned from being an employee to business owner in three easy steps and in just three months.

Time to leave the rat race?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question that we get from new agents, aside from how much money they can earn, is how new agents can transition from their current job to real estate. And it’s a fair question… not everyone can leave the security of a by-weekly pay check and make the jump to one that is completely commission based. So we wrote this handy blog post to walk you through how to go from employee to business owner in three easy steps.

First let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you see room for any advancement at your current place of work?
  2. Is their a limit to how much money you can earn at your job? Is it enough?
  3. Are you ready to answer to yourself rather than to someone else?
  4. Are you tired of rush hour traffic?

Now… what if I told you that in three easy steps, and about as many months, you could make the transition from employee to business owner, make as much as if not much more money, and become your own boss? A career in real estate can make all of this happen, and in far less time than most people think. Here’s your roadmap:

Step 1

Enroll in real estate classes while you’re still working your 9 to 5. Most real estate education providers have moved their classes online, so you can take your classes in your off time after your regular job. Online classes are cheaper, they’re faster, and much more convenient. Learn more about licensure in your state on our website, here. You should generally allow for one month to take your courses, but because they are self-paced some will complete them faster, while still others will take longer. Set a pace that you’re comfortable with but that will still move you forward each and every day.

Step 2

Schedule, study, and take your state licensing exam. And be prepared, state exams are rigorous, because they need to be. And that’s precisely the reason that most real estate education providers include exam prep classes packaged with their licensure classes. Study, take the exam prep courses, and study some more. Schedule your exam several weeks out, then study some more. Take practice exams. Review questions that you got wrong. Study some more. When you’ve mastered the exam prep courses, and mastered the practice exams, you’ll be ready for your final state exam.

Step 3

So now you’ve spent your first thirty days researching and deciding on an accredited real estate education provider. You’ve registered, paid for, and taken all of your state mandated real estate courses, and more importantly completed them successfully. You then spent the next thirty days taking your exam prep courses, studying, registering the state exam, studying, taking the practice exams, and studying some more… and finally, passing the state exam.

Your next and final step is to seek out, interview, and select the right broker. Real estate training will give you a basic understanding of how real estate transactions are handled. Finding the right broker, and taking advantage of THEIR training ultimately will have the biggest impact on your success as a real estate agent and business owner. Most new agents will begin the search process while they’re going through classes and preparing for their state exam. That way, as soon as they pass their exam, they can sign on with their broker of choice and get started right away.

So now what?

Give us a call once you’ve scheduled your state exam, and we’ll setup a personal call to answer any remaining questions you have, and just as importantly… we’ll connect you with an incredible Keller Williams office in your area. Lean on our experience, as well as our connections, to help make this process as seamless as possible.

Now you’re three months in, and you’re ready to make the leap. We would suggest that you make sure you have three to six months of living expenses in reserves to carry you through to your first closing. Then, knuckle down and take advantage of every training program you can, including the new agent launch series, and finally, turn in your resignation at your current job and turn your focus exclusively to your new real estate career.

Commit to your daily activities, follow the well established Keller Williams models, and learn from the other agents in your market center. This is the key to successfully transitioning from being an employee to business owner.

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