100 Marketing Ideas (Almost)

100 Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Discover over 100 marketing ideas to elevate your real estate business from the tried and true methods to latest in digital advertising.

As a real estate agent, mastering the art of marketing is essential to thriving in an ultra-competitive industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your reach, having a robust marketing strategy can make all the difference. But sometimes we just run out of ideas, right? In this blog post, we’ve curated an innovative list of over 100 marketing ideas you may not have thought of.

From digital tactics like social media campaigns and email newsletters to traditional methods such as networking events and direct mail, these strategies are designed to help you attract clients, build your brand, and ultimately, grow your business. Explore these diverse approaches and discover how each can play a pivotal role in elevating your presence and success in your local real estate market.

What should you do?

  1. Wear your name badge everywhere
  2. Carry a SOLD sign in your bag / hand at all times
  3. Just Listed postcards
  4. Just Sold postcards
  5. Coming Soon sign
  6. Open Houses
  7. Hosting Open Houses for FSBOs
  8. Cold calling
  9. FSBOs
  10. Expireds
  11. Magnets on your car
  12. Workout T-Shirt Advertising YOUR hashtag / website
  13. Mailers
  14. Farming Attorneys
  15. Farming Financial Planners
  16. Farming CPAs
  17. Call your SOI (Friends, Family, Past Clients)
  18. Newsletters (Online/Paper)
  19. Hold first time homebuyer workshops (online / in-person)
  20. Attend networking events
  21. Throw your client’s house warming parties
  22. Do something special for your client when you open escrow, then publicize it
  23. Use SlyBroadcast to keep in touch with SOI
  24. Use SlyBroadcast to follow up with leads
  25. Write personal notes
  26. Yard sales
  27. Street sweeping Signs
  28. Paper shredding events
  29. Door knock for canned goods
  30. Door knock with community awareness
  31. Community events
  32. Podcast
  33. Hashtag branding
  34. Monthly drawings – gift certificates (Starbucks, Massage, Mani/Pedi, Maid Service)
  35. Facebook ads
  36. YouTube channel
  37. Facebook LIVE
  38. Facebook groups
  39. Testimonial business cards
  40. Testimonial trade show signs for open houses
  41. Testimonial videos
  42. Testimonial website
  43. Write an e-book or make a PDF download
  44. Email drip campaign
  45. Text marketing
  46. Birthday cards / calls
  47. Holiday cards
  48. Potluck parties
  49. Baking parties
  50. Sponsor a dog trainer for a group of friends / clients
  51. Send out testimonial post cards
  52. Do something special when you close – a closing dinner, a nicer gift
  53. Have a move-in Party (tell them you’ll have food / drinks for them on move-in day)
  54. Door knock your client’s new neighbors to introduce them to your clients
  55. SOI Happy Hour / Bowling / Karaoke / Dancing
  56. Coloring contest for your friends / family / clients / prospects / farm / strangers kids
  57. Get on page 1 of Google with SEO
  58. Blog about real estate
  59. Blog about non-real estate
  60. Give out an about me DVD with video testimonials
  61. Hand out testimonials on your open house flyers
  62. Boost a testimonial on Facebook
  63. Door hangers
  64. Ask to write for a local newspaper about an expertise
  65. Post your listing manually on syndication sites
  66. Post ads on Craigslist
  67. Use cardboard cut outs: Facebook / Instagram
  68. Create a professional video for your farm
  69. Use SnapChat to market yourself and your listings
  70. Use Instagram Stories to market yourself and your listings
  71. Use Facebook Stories to market yourself and your listings
  72. Give away branded grocery bags
  73. Use Next Door
  74. Send-out Cards
  75. Answer client questions with video
  76. Pay for great photography and make sure you have permanent rights to use of the photos
  77. Virtual tours
  78. Lead capture pages
  79. Animated videos
  80. Offer to write for local magazines
  81. Make co-marketing videos with local businesses
  82. Revamp your website
  83. BIG open houses
  84. Big open house signs
  85. Make yourself as a contact in your phone with phone, email, websites
  86. Homeaversary cards
  87. Valentines day cards
  88. July 4th BBQ / Pool Party
  89. Rent out a movie theater for a new movie
  90. Use re-tartgeting widgets
  91. Monthly email marketing
  92. Drop flyers
  93. Team schedule magnets (High School / College / Pro)
  94. Calendars
  95. Note pads
  96. Build websites for other business – with the agreement that you get to advertise on there.
  97. Deliver a personally-branded magazine to your database
  98. Search for ‘CMA’ in text messages, emails, and on social media
  99. Talk to potential clients about pre-listing their home and offer incentives
  100. Reach out to landowners
  101. Engage in conversation with distressed homeowners
  102. Listen to saved voicemails for leads
  103. Look at your CMA Cloud and go back years
  104. Kick-start a listings challenge
  105. Read up on how to gain your footing in the new homes industry
  106. Publish one ‘I have a buyer’ post
  107. Tap into the Keller Williams global agent-to-agent referral network
  108. Host virtual seminars
  109. Host virtual client events to reconnect with sellers in your sphere
  110. Leverage automation tools like SmartPlans to stay top of mind
  111. Proactively engage with local media outlets to become the go-to market source
  112. Run high-converting Facebook ads through campaigns targeting move-up buyers
  113. Reach out to absentee owners. Landlords may be experiencing rental fatigue, heirs may be challenged with what to do with their inherited property, or short-term vacation-rental owners may no longer have the appetite to keep up with their property; you won’t know until you ask.
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