10 Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

10 Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

Profitable businesses tell us repeatedly that good habits over time create success, so today we share 10 habits of top real estate agents.

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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, the difference between the average and the exceptional often lies in the habits they cultivate. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success, certain practices are consistently observed among the top performers in the industry. These habits are not just actions but a mindset that shapes every aspect of their professional lives, enabling them to achieve remarkable success and longevity in a highly competitive field.

Understanding and adopting these habits can be a game-changer for aspiring and established real estate agents alike. It’s about more than just hard work; it’s about working smart, with a clear focus and a strategic approach. From the art of consistency to the power of leveraging resources, these practices form the backbone of a successful real estate career. Let’s dive into the ten core habits that set the world’s best real estate agents apart from the rest, offering insights into how they harness these practices to build thriving, sustainable careers.

The Essence of Consistency

At the heart of every top agent’s success story is the habit of consistency. It’s the golden rule in real estate: consistency equates to predictability in business. While inconsistency leads many into the trap of mediocrity, maintaining a steadfast approach sets the best agents apart, ensuring they shine in a competitive market.

Prioritizing the ‘Big 5’

Elite agents live by the 80/20 principle, focusing primarily on five key activities: lead generation, attending appointments, negotiating contracts, practicing scripts, and role-playing. This focused approach helps them channel their energy and resources efficiently, maximizing their impact and success.

Lead Generation and Persistent Follow-Up

Mastery in lead generation and follow-up is a hallmark of top agents. They are relentless, stopping only when asked or in the face of the ultimate finality. The mantra here is clear: the one who persistently follows up claims victory in 95% of cases.

Adherence to a Structured Schedule

Weekly Planner

Top agents live by a meticulously planned schedule. They dedicate their mornings to lead generation and reserve afternoons for appointments and other tasks. This disciplined approach creates a steady influx of business and helps avoid the industry’s notorious fluctuations.

Leveraging Resources

Understanding the power of leverage—in systems, tools, and people—is crucial. These agents spend their time wisely, focusing on recruiting outstanding individuals who can develop efficient systems and implement effective tools. They believe a real business is one that not only sustains but grows in their absence, driven by a team of exceptional people.

The Drive for Success

A burning desire for success, fueled by a purpose greater than personal gain, motivates these agents. Their ‘Big Why‘ is the driving force behind their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Embracing Challenges

To surpass the average, top agents willingly step out of their comfort zones. Embracing Gary Keller’s philosophy, “We succeed through our failures,” they understand that overcoming discomfort and challenges is key to extraordinary success.

Cultivating Their Database


Top agents not only maintain but actively nurture their databases. They systematically update, feed, and engage with their network, ensuring they maximize every lead and opportunity that comes their way.

Belief in Coaching

Just as the best athletes rely on coaches, top real estate agents understand the invaluable role of a coach. Coaching provides them with fresh perspectives, strategies, and the motivation needed for continuous growth in a dynamic industry.

The Business Owner Mindset

The most successful agents transcend the traditional REALTOR® mindset of focusing solely on the next deal. They adopt the mindset of a business owner, focusing on building a robust, sustainable business that thrives in the long term. Incorporating these ten habits, real estate agents can elevate their careers, ensuring not just short-term gains but long-lasting success and a prominent place in the industry.

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