Command Mobile

Command Mobile

The Command Mobile is a flexible extension of Keller Cloud and Command that allows our associates to run their businesses on the move.

Command. But on your phone.

The Command Mobile App is an integrated suite of tools designed to help you manage your business on-the-go. From lead, to close, to lifetime client relationships, our cutting-edge real estate technology puts you in control of your database, your business, and your future wherever you are. More than a CRM, Command’s interconnected tools support connections between data and clients, keeping you in the center of it all.

The Command App experience is a flexible extension of the Keller Cloud platform and is purpose-built to optimize the features and benefits of Command that agents need to facilitate real-time communications with clients, record and monitor important business insights, and complete core tasks on the move and in the office.

The Command App is a product of KW Labs, the innovation hub of KW. The company, via Labs, builds technology in partnership with agents that empowers them to get smarter about business and deliver the best consumer experience to their clients.

The new app represents a second generation of KW’s mobile-native UI for Command. In mid-February 2018, KW debuted the first-generation experience of the Command App named Kelle.

“We will continue to develop technology in direct partnership with agents – from ideation to design and iterating together through limited release deployments and testing environments to general availability,” said Cox.

Go Mobile with Command

Meet the real estate management app that over 200,000 agents helped design.

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