Tech Enabled Agent

Are You a Tech Enabled Agent?

Elevate your real estate career by becoming a tech enabled agent: Boost efficiency and client service with advanced technology.

What does tech-enabled agent mean?

Competing theories exist regarding the future of real estate, but Gary Keller firmly asserts that the industry is undergoing profound transformation, hastened by an impending digital revolution. The outcome, he believes, will soon determine the winners. We find ourselves amidst what Keller labels the “fourth industrial revolution,” an era powered by data and artificial intelligence.

Keller emphasizes, “You can either be an agent who is enabled by tech or you’re going to be the agent who is enabling tech. This is a battle over who will be the fiduciary.” The tech-enabled agent commands their data, while the agent facilitating technology does not.

How KW is helping to shape the future

To ensure agents thrive in the fourth industrial revolution and beyond, Keller Williams has taken several strategic measures, with the most pivotal being the firm’s transition into a technology company. This shift involved moving from a reliance on “over 100 vendors providing technology” to developing our technology in-house. This innovative step grants Keller Williams the ultimate competitive advantage.

The tech landscape in real estate is in a perpetual state of flux. Keller Williams has committed to steadfastly assisting its associates in navigating all real estate market conditions and staying at the forefront of technology. We are channeling a $1 billion investment over the next decade to ensure that we remain the foremost choice in people’s minds when it comes to real estate technology.

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